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Fort Campbell Personal Injury And Criminal Defense Attorneys

At the Haggard Law Office, our personal injury and criminal defense lawyers are known for taking cases to trial to get justice for military personnel at Fort Campbell army post, as well as civilians throughout western Kentucky.

Among The Top 25 Trial Lawyers In Kentucky

According to The Kentucky Trial Court Review, Kenneth R. Haggard ranks among the top 25 in terms of the number of personal injury cases tried. That is out of all of the 15,000 lawyers in the state. His trial record in criminal defense is no less impressive. His son and fellow lawyer at the law firm, Charles Robert Haggard, is on his way to joining these ranks as well.

Why You Need A Trial Lawyer

Do not assume that the insurance company will simply hand over a fair settlement in a personal injury case or that a criminal prosecutor will offer the best deal. Our opponents may need to be pushed in the right direction, and the threat of trial provides that push. They know that if they do not work with us through negotiation, they will find themselves standing against us in court, where we have an established record of success. We will fight for justice.

Personal Care Every Step Of The Way

It’s not just our fighting spirit that has made us the go-to attorneys in Hopkinsville and the surrounding area for more than 28 years. It’s the attention and care we provide to everyone we represent. We are proud to call our clients friends, even after we have won their cases.

Free Consultation: Hopkinsville Personal Injury And Criminal Defense Lawyers

Call 888-368-1105 or send us an email. Free consultations available in most cases.