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Fort Campbell Product Liability Attorneys

When an injury is caused by a defective product, the victim has the right to take action against the maker of that product. These are not easy cases. Product manufacturers do not want to lose, because if they do they may be required to do much more than provide compensation to the victim. They may be required to conduct a costly recall of all of the potentially defective products on the market. Furthermore, the loss will tarnish their image.

A Long History Of Holding Manufacturers Accountable For Defective Products

Over the course of more than 38 years, the Haggard Law Office has handled many groundbreaking cases on behalf of clients throughout western Kentucky. We do not back down against big businesses. We have gone up against major manufacturers like Honda in cases involving defective motorcycles and ATVs. We won a case against Pepsi for a dangerous soda vending machine tipping over. Our attorneys can handle cases involving anything from home appliances to children’s goods to work equipment such as hand tools and power tools.

These cases often need to go to trial, simply because the opponent will not be willing to give up. Our Fort Campbell product liability lawyers always prepare to go to court, and we have earned an impressive record of success. The Kentucky Trial Court Review has listed Kenneth R. Haggard among the top 25 in terms of the number of personal injury cases tried.

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