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Hopkinsville Birth Injury Lawyer


Some of the most heartbreaking cases a lawyer can handle are those involving birth injuries. A birth injury can have a lifelong impact on the lives of both the child and the child’s parents.

I am Kenneth Haggard, a medical malpractice lawyer in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. If your child has been injured because a doctor or hospital failed to follow the standards of care during the delivery process, you may be entitled to compensation to help pay for your child’s ongoing needs. I offer a free initial consultation to explain the law and let you know what you can expect.

Sometimes there is nothing a doctor or hospital could have done to prevent a birth injury. However, in some cases the injury results from preventable causes such as:

  • Giving the mother drugs that harm the child
  • Failure to provide proper fetal monitoring during the delivery process
  • Failure to perform a timely cesarean section when the baby is distressed

Examples of birth injuries that may be preventable include cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy and hypoxia. As your lawyer, I will review your medical file, interview hospital staff and consult experts to determine if your child’s birth injury was caused by medical malpractice. If it was, I will do my best to obtain enough compensation to help your child live as full a life as possible.


Medical malpractice lawsuits have a statute of limitations of only one year in Kentucky. This means that you need to contact an attorney promptly so the birth injury case can be investigated before the statute of limitations expires. If you wait 11 months to contact a lawyer, it might be too late to pursue a claim, so contact me today.