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Fort Campbell Knee And Leg Injury Attorneys

Many accidents result in knee or leg injuries, such as broken legs, broken hips or ACL injuries. These injuries are particularly problematic not only because of how serious and painful they can be, and how much medical attention and physical therapy may be required before they are resolved, but because of the immobility that comes with them.

The victim may need to be in crutches or a wheelchair for an extended period of time, leading to missed work, new and unique challenges around the home, and more. At the Haggard Law Office, our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience helping people get the compensation they need after injuring a knee or leg.

When We Need To Take These Cases To Trial

Insurance companies work hard to minimize compensation to accident victims. If a case involves a broken leg, the insurance company may try to play it off as a minor injury, ignoring all the hours of missed work and other costs. We prepare for trial on behalf of our clients throughout western Kentucky. We know that we may need to go the distance in order to overcome insurance companies that are not interested in doing what is right for you.

The courtroom is our second home. Kenneth R. Haggard was included among the top 25 in terms of the number of personal injury cases tried by The Kentucky Trial Court Review. At trial and in settlement negotiations, we have built an impressive record of success.

What Caused The Knee Or Leg Injury?

Our Fort Campbell knee and leg injury lawyers handle cases involving:

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