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Many incidents of pedestrians being hit by cars occur in crosswalks. The driver may have had a green light, but failed to watch for people in the crosswalk when taking a right or left turn. The victim suffers from two impacts, the impact with the car and the impact with the street, often resulting in life-changing injuries or wrongful death. In crosswalk accident cases, the negligence of the driver is fairly clear.

When A Pedestrian Accident Occurs Outside Of A Crosswalk

What happens when the pedestrian was not in a crosswalk. Did the victim walk out from between cars? Was he or she near a crosswalk? The insurance company will look for any opportunity to place the blame on the victim. At the Haggard Law Office, we have built our reputation on our willingness to stand up for the rights of the victim against insurance companies. Our Fort Campbell pedestrian accident attorneys are here to help you.

These Cases May Go To Trial

When there are more factors in dispute, such as whether the victim should hold any of the blame for a pedestrian accident, the likelihood of trial increases. However, it is always good to have someone on your side who has a reputation for fighting. Our lawyers have more than 50 years of combined experience fighting for clients throughout western Kentucky.

Our reputation speaks for itself. According to The Kentucky Trial Court Review, Kenneth R. Haggard ranks among the top 25 in terms of the number of personal injury cases tried. We have established an impressive record of success.

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