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The issue of comparative fault comes up frequently in bicycle accident claims, particularly when the victim is a child; which is often the case. Comparative fault addresses the possibility that the victim may be partially to blame. Perhaps the bicyclist rode out into the street from between cars. Does that mean the driver holds no fault? What if the bike accident took place in a school zone, where the driver should have known to watch carefully. The issue of comparative fault adds an additional layer of complexity to these cases.

What Will The Jury Think?

Trial is always a possibility, and the Fort Campbell bicycle accident attorneys at the Haggard Law Office know it. We always prepare cases for trial. That means understanding who is going to be on the jury and how they will react to issues like comparative fault.

When the blame is pointed at a child who rode in front of traffic, or at a parent for not supervising the child properly, how will the jury respond? Will the average juror’s sympathy for children overcome the fact that he or she drives every day? By understanding the mindset of jurors, our lawyers can craft an argument to convince them to do the right thing. We have spent more than 28 years handling these cases for military personnel at Fort Campbell army post and civilians throughout western Kentucky

Taking Bike Accident Claims To Trial

We know trials. According to The Kentucky Trial Court Review, Kenneth R. Haggard ranks among the top 25 in terms of the number of personal injury cases tried. We have established an impressive record of success. Whether through negotiation or trial, our goal is to make certain you get the compensation you need after an adult or child bicycle injury.

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