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Fort Campbell Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers

Police and prosecutors take domestic violence cases very seriously. If you have been charged with domestic violence assault, it is important that you enlist an experienced lawyer. A conviction can potentially result in fines and imprisonment, as well as loss of certain constitutional rights.

Many people do not know that a conviction for domestic violence leads to losing your right to own a firearm for up to three years. If you are in the military or work at a job that requires that you carry a gun, your career may be in jeopardy. The Haggard Law Office can help. We have more than 50 years of combined experience representing clients throughout western Kentucky.

Cutting Through False Allegations

Our Fort Campbell domestic violence defense attorneys know that many of these cases involve false allegations. Were you accused of this crime by a spouse or ex-spouse who is attempting to gain an advantage in a divorce or child custody dispute? These cases are often a matter of one person’s word against another’s. Trial may be necessary.

We are experienced trial attorneys. We know what evidence to look for to build a strong case to bring to a jury. Did the victim ever receive medical treatment? Was there evidence of injuries? We will find out what really happened and work to clear your name.

Hopkinsville Assault Charge Attorneys

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